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  Nice to see you on our website! We would like to inform you about the purchase and sale of technical + electrical materials. We have been purchasing and selling goods in the countries listed on the left and right sides for more than 10 years now. We have established a clientele base which offers and sells us its excess, remnants and bankruptcy goods; however, occasionally the same customers also purchase goods from on favourable terms.
  To you as seller, the following principle applies: just offer EVERYTHING you have. We often need materials which you would consider rather unimportant.

Emergency generators

Emergency generators; sale and purchase of stocks; we constantly need old or new generators and also pay an adequate price for them. In case you have a great many of them, even if still installed, we will remove them.

If you have emergency generators, stocks, contactors or switches to offer, just call one of the following numbers:

Mobile: 00491605579064 or             00491726823317                                          

via fax: 00496995102648

EMail: he@rexter.biz


The picture below shows a contactor. We also purchase or deliver all types of generators, shown to the right. We remove these elements from still existing systems.


Contactors Switches

Your stocks, whether old or new, will also be loaded and picked up by our team.

We have our own team to remove emergency generators and to pick them up by means of rented lorries.

Additional offers:

Safety switches

Ball bearings Rolling bearings 

Tool inserts   

Travel carriages for cranes 

Purchase used electric motors

Purchase of electric motors

Our special service for customers and suppliers:


·         You can contact us via mobile phone 24 hours a day

·         We pick up the purchased goods ourselves

·         We provide our own rented lorries for the transport

·         We disassemble large, still installed units (e. g. emergency generators ) with our own team and organise their transport


Purchase and sale

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Purchase of electric motors in Germany

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and Europe-wide


We currently purchase and sell goods in the following European countries:

About us

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Mr. Babir Humayun

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contact partner Mr. Rexter

Am Eisernen Schlag 31

60431 Frankfurt on the Main

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Taxpayer’s reference number: 01489504728

VAT ID: DE237437124


Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania,  Belgium, Netherlands (Holland) and France.


You can also contact us via e-mail at: he@rexter.biz


We sell emergency generators / generators and purchase your stocks of electrical items, emergency generators, switches, etc

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